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Unlimited since 1857

goalsoul in association with Sheffield FC

The First and Oldest Football Club in the World.

When the idea for goalsoul was conceived, the fact we were based in Sheffield, UK, the official birthplace of the modern game, had huge significance. Our original strapline was ‘Unlimited since 1857’, in recognition of the Steel City’s importance in terms of global football history.

Sheffield Football Club, established on October 24th 1857, in the industrial north of England, pioneered what became the world's favourite game. The club introduced many innovations that we now take for granted. From the first throw-in, the first free kick and the first floodlit match, they pioneered and documented many of the modern game’s original rules and regulations. Not only are Sheffield F.C. recognised by the English FA as the first and oldest football club in the world, they are also one of only two clubs, the other being Real Madrid, to be honoured by FIFA with an Order of Merit Award. Both clubs received this recognition as part of FIFA's Centennial Celebrations in Paris 2004.

Sheffield is not only world famous for its quality steel but also for its contribution to world football through Sheffield FC’s 'Original Rules and Innovations' codification. In addition to goalsoul's geographical proximity to our friends at Sheffield FC, we recognised the immense importance and value of the club's heritage and saw it as a great fit with the underlying ethos of goalsoul. In partnership with the club, we recently designed a range of highly original concepts that draw on that rich heritage and its influence today.

As a celebration of both SFC and Real Madrid being recognised by FIFA for their contributions to the modern game, we also designed a handful of striking concepts that beautifully illustrate the story. The concepts made it all the way to the Bernabeu’s boardroom, and although the feedback was really positive, Real Madrid’s hands were tied in terms of commercial opportunities due the influence that ‘adidas’ has over the Club’s branding and merchandise. However, goalsoul were able to celebrate a small victory by receiving recognition of our work from the legendary ex-Real striker and current Director of Institutional Relations, Emilio Butragueno. We were just delighted to have got our work in front of him. He loved the SFC/Real concepts and the subsequent 'Vulture's Quint/La Quinta del Buitre' shirt that we sent him from our existing collection.

The full suite of designs we had visualised for Sheffield FC quickly came to the attention of the decision makers at FIFA. We were delighted that they wanted to see the designs with FIFA represention. We made a few tweaks to the concepts in preparation for a planned meeting in London, in December 2011. The designs were well received and the conversation was extremely positive as we discussed various possibilities and opportunities. We'll see how things unfold. 

The stunning 'Sheffield FC by goalsoul' collection will be available soon. Watch this space! 

  • February 27, 2012
  • Cristian Bustamante
About goalsoul
  • Football inspired artwork.

    From Sheffield, UK, the birthplace of the beautiful game, goalsoul create visually stunning and unique football t-shirts infused with spirit, style and quality.

    Our original designs celebrate the iconic players, teams and memorable incidents in football's rich and diverse history. The goalsoul collection of artwork, graphic tees and associated apparel, is an eclectic mix. We pay tribute to the cultural vitality of the most beautiful game of all.

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