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Sabotage Times

Mick Bower | . Camouflage . Fashion & Style . 22 November 2013

Footballing Clobber That Keeps The Game Beautiful

Founded by a pair of Sheffield lads, the goalsoul label is on a mission to keep the game beautiful. Home to a range of tee shirts, vintage hooped jerseys, polo shirts, hoodies and more, it's well worth a visit for any football fan.

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Sabotage Times

Seb White . Camouflage . Football & Sport . June 2012

The Best T-Shirts To Wear During Euro 2012

Looking for the best gear to wear at Euro 2012? Look no further than this gallery of ace T-shirts.

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Sky Sports Online 

Editors Pick Photo Gallery . January 2012

Designs inspired by football's most iconic characters.

'goalsoul create original t-shirt designs inspired by the spirit and passion of football's most iconic characters. Featuring 'Paul Gascoigne - Inkblot #19' along with 10 more signature pieces from the goalsoul range.'

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Maxim Online

Stuart Messham . Fashion . September 2011

Eight new designs.

'Eight top new designs from the graphical cats at goalsoul. Not heard of the goalsoul crew? They "create striking and original t-shirt designs inspired by the spirit and passion of football’s most memorable incidents and iconic characters" And they a mighty fine job of it too.'

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Loaded Online

Matt Warwick . Sport/Football . June 2011

The beautiful game’s got its 'soul' back.

'The boys at are a group of pioneers putting the purity back into our game with their own art prints and T-shirts of footie’s memorable moments and characters.' 

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Sky Sports Online 

Alex Dunn . Football Feature . May 2011

goalsoul graphic tees.

'Bypass club superstores and check out a company that illuminates why football really is the Beautiful Game via subtle tees and prints that are heavy on both design and quality.'

'Visit goalsoul here to stop looking like a tramp on the terraces...'

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FourFourTwo Magazine

Upfront . Reader Offer . May 2011

Make Football Fashion History.

'Create a mind-melting T-shirt design and win the real deal with goalsoul and FFT.

Pick a shirt from the new range and send in a shirt design suggestion to'

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Maxim Online

Stuart Messham . Fashion . March 2011

Feature Update!

'New season update - all new gear in the gallery - goalsoul graphic tees - full collection!'

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FourFourTwo Magazine

Subscription offer - February 2011

Promotional gift for the 200th issue.

'Free goalsoul designer football t-shirt celebrating an iconic moment when you subscribe to FourFourTwo magazine. Choice of t-shirts in large and medium sizes: Socrates black, Cruyff black, Battle of Santiago yellow and Maradona blue.'

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Maxim Online

Stuart Messham . Fashion . January 2011

goalsoul Football Tee Revolution.

'Fed up of naff football T-shirts curled out by tracksuit Trevors with no discernable predilection for the true contours of the beautiful game? Then get a load of this lot... We're into these boys. Not only do they respect the same values of the beautiful game of which we are so fond, they've got the graphic nous to be able to work up some subtle, wearable shirts too.'

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London Sports Magazine

The Knowledge . December 2010

The appropriate attire - Soul Power!

'If a man still wished to profess his love for the beautiful game, albeit in a more appropriate and knowing manner, we'd suggest he considers the offerings available from goalsoul, online purveyors of fine football apparel with a twist.'

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FourFourTwo Magazine

Ben Welch . Upfront . December 2010

Its a football shirt Jim, but not as we know it!

'Why bother with that retro football top when you can don a blood soaked meat cleaver?'

'Disillusioned by the state of modern football and a t-shirt market saturated with soulless offerings, a crack team of designers have set about reinventing the football tee.'

'The self- proclaimed football purists wanted to craft a magic eye of clothing: at first glance its a piece of graphic design, but break down the layers and you’ll find a story.'

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City Magazine Sheffield

Richard Abbey . Issue 06 - Winter 2010

goalsoul football and fashion.

'Football and fashion are often a winning combination. The team at goalsoul talk to City about a unique idea that marries the two rather well.' 

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NowThen Sheffield

Ben Jackson . Favourites . December 2010

This month it will be one year since a couple of chaps saw their big idea become a fledgling reality.

'When talking to the lads their passion is infectious and their work rate is inspirational'.

'The designing of t-shirts is just the beginning for this ambitious trio, and with the word out and the market waiting, the goalsoul brand is sure to be a familiar one very soon.'

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Exposed Sheffield

Fashion (4pp advertorial) . December 2010

We are goalsoul!

'From football’s inception to the phenomenon of today, goalsoul takes inspiration from the spirit and passion of the global game, to create striking and original t-shirt designs.'

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London Thrillist Online

Jason Allen . Fashion . July 2010

goalsoul - tees from footy's birthplace.

'... a line of passionately drawn, black or white, red-splashed footy tees launched by a couple of lads from Sheffield'.

'Many pieces betray an infatuation with violence both noble and ignoble, as with Serious Infraction (Zidane's headbutt - hey, if it was your sister...)'

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About goalsoul
  • Football inspired artwork.

    From Sheffield, UK, the birthplace of the beautiful game, goalsoul create visually stunning and unique football t-shirts infused with spirit, style and quality.

    Our original designs celebrate the iconic players, teams and memorable incidents in football's rich and diverse history. The goalsoul collection of artwork, graphic tees and associated apparel, is an eclectic mix. We pay tribute to the cultural vitality of the most beautiful game of all.

    Sheffield, SY
    United Kingdom
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