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The Wisdom of the CrowdBrian Clough (Red Print)


Football's greatest managers knew how much the sport owed to socialism. The very language is socialist – solidarity, unite, goal, come together. In short, football is a socialist sport.

Matt Busby, Bill Shankly and Brian Clough were the embodiment's of the golden age of the socialist manager. The founding principle of their management style was a socialist one, in so much that they vehemently believed that the players as individuals had to defer to the needs of the collective to succeed.

Their teams were socialist in nature, they played for each other, and individual brilliance was subservient to the common good. Most importantly they all achieved incredible success as a result of these guiding principles - both for their respective teams, the supporters, and the communities they served.

Brian Clough was vocal about his politics, and used his belief in the collective to drive a team from mediocrity to nationwide acclaim. He gave tickets for Derby's games to striking miners and agitated for a player walkout (admittedly after he had walked out on Derby), was once asked by the former Labour MP, Austin Mitchell, whether he was a superstitious man? "No, Austin, I'm not," he answered. "I'm a socialist."

In his own inimitable words:

“I think socialism comes from the heart. I think I've been luck and got what I've got and made a few bob. I've had a car, I've got a nice house and I don't see any reason why everybody shouldn't have that.
People who I've met sometimes with a few bob and who have got on, don't think everybody else should have a few bob and get on. I think the opposite.
I think everybody can have it. That's where socialism comes from.  I think everybody should have a book.  I think everybody should have a nice classroom to go to. I think everybody should have the same opportunities."


The wisdom of the crowd is the collective opinion of a group of individuals rather than that of a single expert. It is an idea that suggests that large groups of people are collectively smarter than even individual experts when it comes to problem solving, decision making, innovating and predicting. The wisdom of crowds shows how large groups have made superior decisions in pop culture, psychology, biology, behavioural economics and other fields.


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