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From the Home of Football: An Exhibition by Goalsoul

From the Home of Football: An Exhibition by Goalsoul
21 April - 21 May
37-39 Chapel Walk, Sheffield

One of several positives to come out of the Sporting Sheffield debacle, is that it has provided us with a space to exhibit our artwork. In conjunction with The Football Supporters‘ Federation and Kick It Out’s ‘Fans For Diversity campaign, we are hosting a month long exhibition of our work.

Alongside its steel-producing heritage, Sheffield’s single most important contribution to the world is modern football. This cannot be overstated. It is the spiritual home of the modern game and boasts the world’s first and oldest football club in Sheffield FC; who, in 1857 compiled the games original rules and innovations document. These rules are, unarguably, the blueprint for the game we watch and play, today. 

Goalsoul’s artwork pays homage to that heritage and the ongoing evolution of the world’s most popular sport. The work is a tribute the game’s diverse nature, through its rich history and eclectic cultural tapestry.

We look forward to seeing you. Entry is free. Download the official invite here.


  • March 30, 2017
  • Cristian Bustamante
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    From Sheffield, UK, the birthplace of the beautiful game, goalsoul create visually stunning and unique football t-shirts infused with spirit, style and quality.

    Our original designs celebrate the iconic players, teams and memorable incidents in football's rich and diverse history. The goalsoul collection of artwork, graphic tees and associated apparel, is an eclectic mix. We pay tribute to the cultural vitality of the most beautiful game of all.

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