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Love is the DrugAddicted to Football


Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, once wrote: ‘Ideal, eternal love, purged of all hatred, exists only between the addict and his drug’. This theory, although not necessarily aimed at them, arguably applies to the millions of people, globally, who are unconditionally addicted to the beautiful game. 

There are many possible reasons for why people can fall into addiction. With regards to alcohol and drug reliance, it has been suggested that such a thing as an ‘addictive’ personality can make you more prone to this type of behaviour. Equally, it has been known to stem from low self esteem, underlying mental health conditions and even genetic/hereditary factors.

It’s distinctly possible that some of these factors could be instrumental or determine an addiction to football. Like drug and alcohol dependency, it can start as a result of peer pressure and, for anyone born into an environment where parents or older siblings obsess over the game and a particular team, a result of hereditary factors! More commonly, and arguably more positively, it comes from those initial ‘hits’ and exposure; the sounds, the smells, the atmosphere, the excitement, the sense of community, togetherness and belonging to something greater than yourself. In a short space of time, this can turn into something you need and crave on a regular basis; something that you love unconditionally, whether it makes you feel good or bad, high or low, up or down…but something that always gives you wings and promises the sky.

Be it on the pitch, off the pitch, in the stands, in the bar or on the sofa, ‘love’ is central to any obsession or addiction when it comes to football.

'Stitched up tight, can't shake free, love is the drug, got a hook on me. Oh oh catch that buzz, love is the drug I'm thinking of. Oh oh can't you see, love is the drug for me.' 
Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music


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