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In support of the Football Supporters’ Federation’s ‘Away Fans Matter’ campaign and inspired by a line from Herman Melville’s evocative 1851 masterpiece, Moby Dick, this design romantically portrays the unconditional devotion of the dedicated Away Fan, as a restless, driven adventurer. The design presents a beautiful visual analogy for the extreme lengths that the Away Fan goes to; the incredibly...


The first emblem of the England football team was worn in the world’s very first international match against Scotland, in Glasgow in 1872. It consisted of three lions within a shield, in a similar stance to that of the English Coat of Arms. These lions were navy blue and the only distinguishable features were red eyes and mouths.  In 1949,...


FIFA has been beleaguered over ethical matters for many years. Platini, the president of UEFA, was once considered a sure bet for the presidency of FIFA. In October 2015 the Frenchman was handed a provisional 90-day suspension, together with FIFA president Sepp Blatter, amid allegations of corruption. Both men have vigorously professed their innocence. The following text is taken from...


The red dragon has been associated with Wales for centuries, and as such, the flag is claimed to be the oldest national flag still in use. It is considered that the Welsh kings of Aberffraw first adopted the dragon in the early fifth century in order to symbolise their power and authority after the Romans withdrew from Britain. Later, around...

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