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Football crosses continents and can transcend religious divides. It periodically brings the world together, but only one club can lay claim to being the founding farther. Sheffield FC is the World’s first and oldest club and as such have pioneered a host of innovations.


Sheffield FC is the birthplace of the modern football and the world’s oldest club. With over 1,000,000 official football clubs world-wide, 'The Club' is the original pattern that has been repeating and tessellating since 1857.  Established on October 24th 1857 in the industrial north of England, ‘The Club’ Sheffield FC is the birthplace of the most popular game in the...


Sheffield FC’s contribution to the modern game cannot be overstated. It is the first and oldest football club that sought to bring order from chaos. The original rules for the world’s most popular sport were written by 'The Club' at the height of the industrial revolution. The City of Sheffield’s backdrop was that of forges, smoke and molten steel. Established...

About goalsoul
  • Football inspired artwork and apparel.

    From Sheffield, UK, the birthplace of the beautiful game, goalsoul create visually stunning and unique football t-shirts infused with spirit, style and quality.

    Our original designs celebrate the iconic players, teams and memorable incidents in football's rich and diverse history. The goalsoul collection of artwork, graphic tees and associated apparel, is an eclectic mix. We pay tribute to the cultural vitality of the most beautiful game of all.

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